Harvard Business Track

Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience led by Harvard Business School (HBS) at the 2018 GIA Symposium. Register for the Harvard Business Track, and explore how the themes Authentic Leadership, Disruptive Innovation and Customer Centricity are reshaping the gem and jewelry industry. Walk away with knowledge on how you might leverage your learnings to help yourself reach greater heights of success in your career.


Authentic Leadership

Explore the qualities of high-performing leaders. You’ll consider how they exhibit high standards of integrity; take responsibility for their actions; are guided by enduring principles, rather than short-term efficiency; and earn the trust of their subordinates, peers and shareholders. You’ll also discuss where this inner compass originates and how you might leverage your personal life experiences (successes and failures) to shape your leadership style.

Disruptive Innovation

Use theoretical and practice tools to predict how industries, technologies and competitive forces will affect organizations. This theme includes an examination of best practices and strategies of companies that have successfully disrupted existing business models, and those that have been disrupted. Hone your understanding of why continual reinvention is essential for sustained success, competitive advantage and growth.

Customer Centricity

Learn the importance of rethinking how to engage with consumers by better understanding their needs and buying behavior and generating alternative solutions to meet their expectations. HBS professors will also discuss how to build a capability to anticipate and respond to emerging consumer trends and how to partner with customers and suppliers as sources of service innovation.

Harvard Faculty

David Ager
Senior Fellow, Managing Director, Executive Development, Executive Education

Dennis Campbell
Dwight P. Robinson Jr. Professor of Business Administration; Unit Head, Accounting and Management

Krishna Palepu
Ross Graham Walker Professor of Business Administration

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